I have always liked teaching perhaps because I also like being a student.  While I believe I have something to offer in all of the courses I teach, I also believe there is more for me to learn.  My teaching goal is to inspire students to find and experience their own “ah-hah” moments in the course.  I try to facilitate these moments combining knowledge of theory, practice and personal experience.

My learning style is visual and aural – I learn best through talk, discussion, whiteboard scribbling, more formal writing and reflection.  I try to address all learning modalities in assignments, activities and evaluations. I also like theory.  I like exploring abstract ideas to see how they make sense in my personal and professional worlds. Having worked as a professional for many years, I am always looking for ways to bring theory alive in  practice.  Which is why I chose to return to school and complete my doctorate.

I  try to follow students’ curiosities to discover the important patterns in the puzzles of learning, reading, talking, and writing around the various course themes.  I am a strong advocate of the writing process and of the printed word – I work with the basics — reading, writing, and discussing critically.

As of the 2014-15 academic year, we have a substantially revised curriculum and some changes in our teaching assignments. Courses I often teach include (but are not limited to) these: 

  • ISI 5304 Information Resource Discovery
  • ISI6352 Marketing and Advocacy for Information Organizations
  • ISI5306 Information Professionals as Leaders
  • ISI 6381 Knowledge in Organizations
  • ISI 6351 Social Media

Updated: 21/12/15