Organizing information practices

This theme of my research program considers questions of the social organizing, use and value(s) of information and knowledge practices provided by information and cultural organizations. Meaning and method behind Canadian public library micro-blogging practices

This project tracks Twitter activity (beginning March 2012)  in 190 Canadian public libraries to: a) understand how and why Canadian public libraries and their users are interacting via this specific media channel; and b) to archive these data because they belong in the public domain and should be retained as a living history of Canadian public libraries’ participation in the networked society.

An overview of this project to date was presented to the University of Buffalo, School of Education, Library and Information Studies in April 2015.

Social catalogue and the public library –> This project unpackages one commercial social catalogue from three agency perspectives: designer, organization and users to identify the primary organizing interactions and to explore their value(s).

Social reading and public news –> This project is a study of a traditional news organization, their stories and online interactions among readers through posted comments. An early presentation on this project is available here .

Contact me if you would like more information or go to main Research page.

Updated: 21/01/15


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