Magic realism in La Alpujarra

Carlos’ restaurant is officially called Café Piano Bar – La Cueva de Mora Luna. But everyone just refers to it as “Carlos'”.  If you ever find yourself in this neighbourhood I highly recommend you make time for an evening here. After 30 hours of travelling, my first evening I walked to Mecina, to the first string of lights on the right. Mora-LunaCoverWhile sipping wine and revelling in the warmth, I looked around the bar and fell in love with the place, the closely arranged tables, electric heater, upright piano, and from floor to ceiling on all walls,  framed photos of Carlos and his extended family across many generations in addition to certificates, posters, and musical notes – all telling a wonderful collection of stories, that I could either imagine for myself or inquire from Carlos.

When I indicated I was staying for more than a glass of wine, Carlos passed me the English version of his menu and told me, with a wink, that ‘pizza’ was his specialty. I later learned why. The last half of the menu contains a 3 page story about the invention of the pizza, this restaurant and the region. [Mora-LunaHistory2  for translators, librarians, archivists and storytellers]. For a person with deep reader/writer genes, I couldn’t have been initiated any better into my temporary new neighbourhood. Carlos’ story starts with his shared discovery of ancient scrolls dating from 1499 and ends with his moving his family from Argentina to Mecina, to open La Cueva de Mora Luna in 2003.  He concludes with some reassuring South American magic realism,

This is the information I remember and vouch for, in full exercise of my mental ability and free from any hallucination potion or concotion. To finish, all I would like to say is that if you ever see the venerable Abbot Faria, please tell him I’d love to know what he has done with the scrolls. A big hug to you all. I, Carlos, Manager of the Mora Luna.” (Translated by Luz Iglesias)

2 thoughts on “Magic realism in La Alpujarra

  1. I’ve just enjoyed reading your blogs about Ferreirola and La Cueva de Mora Luna …. My wife and I have visited that valley several times these past few years. We say we’re doing it for the mountain walks – but it’s really to see Carlos!

    1. I’m sorry I am so late to reply – thank you for this message – it’s nice to know that Carlos has fans and patrons willing to travel there from around the world!

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